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Overall Rating
Screen Size4.8"4.7"4.65"4.7"4.3"4.3"4.7"5.3"4.3"4.3"
Display Resolution
720 x 1280768 x 12801280x720720 x 1280960x540800x480720 x 12801280x720540 x 960720 x 1280
131 g 139 g135 g 130 g144 g113 g133 g175 g119.5 g144 g
70.668.7 67.969.968.566.068.181.26564
136.6133.9 135.5134.4129.5124.4132.4144.7130.9128
Physical Keyboard
Battery Life
Talk Time (max)
161512No official data219926107
Standby Time (max)
580390250No official data380610730820317450
Rear Camera
Front Camera
Camera Megapixels
Video Recorder
Video Resolution
Music Player
Processor Speed
1.4 GHz 1.5 GHz1.2GHz1.5 GHz1.2GHz1.2GHz1.5GHz1.4GHz1.5 GHz1.5 GHz
OS Version
Android 4.1.1Android 4.1.2Android 4.0Android 4.0Android 2.3Android 2.3Android 4.0Android 2.3Android 4.0Android 2.3
Internal Storage
16 GB 8/16 GB32 GB32 GB16GB16GB16GB16GB16GB32GB
Expandable Storage
microSD, up to 64 GB
16GB32GBmicroSD, up to 32GB32GB
LED Flash
Audio Jack
Voice Typing

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Top Android Phones 2012 – Reviewed & Compared

Android vs iOs – Why should you care?

Because around 850 000 Android phones are activated each day! This startling statistic was released by Google at it’s 2012 Mobile World Congress, and clearly highlights that the acceptance of Android as a viable Operating System is gaining momentum worldwide.

Whilst earlier versions of the Android OS have been criticised to being too scatter brained, buggy or non-user friendly, a host of today’s top smartphones are being developed and designed around next level Android releases, such as Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean.

The one key difference that separates Android from its iOs rival , is that there is a massive number of Android powered phones available today, with more being released every quarter. And whilst Apple is very much iPhone or nothing, Android provides a variety of options.

To help you navigate this increasingly clustered market, we’ve rounded up the best Android phones for you, and rated them on various elements such as hardware, design, features and of course how sexy they are to hold and handle.

So here they are - the best Android phones money can buy in South Africa today!

Android Phones: What to Look For

Whether you’re just searching for that next must-have gadget or are considering taking the plunge into the Android universe, our reviews should help you get started on your search for finding the best Android phone for you!

We’re just seeing the latest wave of new Android phones hitting the South African market, with the Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Nexus and the LG Nexus 4 claiming top spots in our Top 10 Android Phones comparison!


We review the look and feel of the Android phone. Is it sexy and sleek enough to hold it’s own against your iPhone wielding friends? We look at size, weight and material as well as the display resolution and size.

Battery Life

You can have the coolest, most up-to-spec device, but it’s a pain when the battery needs juicing every couple of hours! The criteria ofor this test is simple – the longer, the better.


Apart from handling calls and texts, modern smartphones double as entertainment devices and fulfil a host of other functions as well. We look at well the Android phone handles your favourite media, music and video/camera capabilities. Overall this is where Android really shines, as users can explore thousands of apps on the Google Play app-store, many of which are free of charge.


Here we get into the meaty bits – how much internal storage does the phone have and more importantly – what level of additional storage is supported. We also outline what Android OS the phone is running on which will ultimately impact how the device operates, how much data you can store and how quickly it runs.


This is where we look for any additional features that set the phone apart from its peers. It’s the X-Factor of Android phones. We explore what additional functions the Android phone can perform over and above calling and texting. Examples would be the Samsung Galaxy S3’s S Voice or the Sony Xperia S’s exceptional camera capabilities.

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